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You might be asking what is thunder and lightening, well its a variation to the traditional clotted cream tea and is called "Thunder and Lightning", a Cornish favourite with young and old. The "splits" are freshly baked rolls sliced in half. The "thunder and lightning" is supplied by lashings of golden syrup and Cornish clotted cream.

This is our alternative, 150g of smooth  thunder and lightening fudge. Fudge infused with golden syrup and clotted cream


This is also available as a full bar for you to diivide up however you like. A bar is typically 270g (but can be abit over or under due to it being handmade)

Thunder and lightening fudge

  • Sugar; Glucose; Shortening; Butter; Water; Condensed Milk; Fondant; Golden Syrup; Salt; Vanilla Flavour

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