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A  history of the shop that we have found out so far

It has been a shop from at least 1871 when it was a grocer. In more recent times (since the late sixties) its been a sweet shop and tobacconist but stopped selling tobacco and only sold sweets within the last 10 years. We sell over 30 flavours of handmade Cornish fudge, 

Cornish short bread biscuits, Cornish fairings biscuits and others too made by the oldest bakeries in Cornwall. We also sell gift boxes of fudge and biscuits for those little prezzies for home, and not forgetting the shelves of traditional sweets in jars for you to reminisce about which ones you had when you were younger. 

About us

We took over the shop in July 2019. Instantly we knew what a special little shop we had taken on. We were amazed and grateful of the loyalty of past customers that Pam and Pete Middleton had built up over the past 33 years.We also look forward to continuing their hard work and enjoying building relationships with everyone who visits our shop.

The shop around 1910




While this is a very different looking shop front you can see its the same shop with the window configuration above the shops. The shop doors have changed too. At some point the entire front was removed and changed to how it is today. The line above the sweet shop has stayed the same which used to continue across what is now The Blue Wing Gallery but their line has gone up.

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