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The box contains 6 peices of our biggest sellers, Dark chocolate salted caramel, clotted cream, Vanilla, double deadly, banoffee and cream tea.

Fudge gift Box Selection

  • Cream tea - white chocolater 28%, cocoa solids min, MILK, sugar, glucose syrup, coconut oil,condensed MILK, shortbtead (GLUTEN) corn starch vegetable fat, clotted cream, citrus pectin, sorbitol, strawberry flavour, citric acid, colour E122 salt, emulsifier lecithin (SOYA)

    Dark chocolate salted caramel - Sugar; Glucose; coconut oil; Butter; Water; Salt; Condensed MILK; Fondant; Caramel Flavour; Dark Chocolate; Sea Salt

    Clotted cream - Sugar; Glucose;coconut oil; Butter; Water; Salt; Condensed Milk; Fondant; Clotted Cream

    Banoffee sugar, glucose syrup, coconut oil, sweetened condensed MILK butter(MILK), flavour, colour E102

    Double deadly - Sugar; Glucose; Shortening; coconut oil, Butter; Water; Condensed MILK; Fondant; Ebony; White Chocolate

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